The amortization schedule applies both to financing the property from your own resources as well as a mortgage loan. The minimum deposit of your own funds is 20% of the purchase price, so it is possible to draw a mortgage loan up to 80% of the purchase price of the unit.

  • 20% of the price after signing a contingent contract
  • 70% of the price after submitting the Application for final approval
  • 10% of the price after signing the purchase agreement

Hyposervis Consulting
It is our partner company providing mortgage financing service with a favorable interest rate for our clients. Professional mortgage specialists will handle all paperwork for you free of charge, even including an expert opinion for most banking institutions, and they will also take care of complete communication and coordination of processes between you, the bank and our party.

All details and other useful information can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Apartment catalog

Purchase process

How to finance your real estate

  • The purchase of an apartment, including accessories, can be financed from your own resources or in a combination of your own resources and a mortgage loan.
  • The purchase price is paid according to the amortization schedule in three basic installments corresponding to the individual milestones of the project.
  • If the purchase price is increased due to Client changes, this increase is always paid from one's own funds.

If you are interested in purchasing an apartment

  • Fill in the contact form on the project website and pre-book properties from the offer.
  • Arrange a personal meeting with our representative, where you will receive basic information about the unit you requested and the entire project, as well as the financing process.
  • Ask your representative about the date until which we will reserve the selected apartment for you for the time necessary to draw up and sign a reservation agreement (or a contingent contract - SOSB).

After signing the SOSB

  • You will be able to choose equipment with the client center and resolve any Client changes.
  • After the final building approval, we will ask you to sign the purchase agreement. We will arrange subsequent registration in the real estate cadastre for you.
  • You will naturally be able to take a look at the apartment before it is officially handed over.
Terms and Conditions

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